Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sleepless in Sydney

I used to cry after my mother dropped me off at Villamaria (my kindergarten) and Sekolah Sri Petaling (my primary school). That's pretty normal right? Yeah.. except it is not the first day or even first week of school but the middle of the school term/year. It stumped my teachers since most kids would have grown out of the crying phase way before. For me, I was just getting started.

Fast forward 30 years later, seems like I did not outgrow this trait. No, I do not burst out into tears like I used to, I just cannot sleep. For example, most people I know have trouble sleeping the first night (some even the first few) when in a new environment. As the days go by, they settle down and sleep at bedtime. I on the other hand seem to be the opposite. The more I settle down, the more I cannot sleep.

Moving from one continent to another, I had no problems adjusting to my new place - sleep wise over the first few days. Then the sleepless-ness started. When we moved to our own place, all was well again. Five weeks after the big move, it's back. I am now getting only 3-3.5 hours of sleep daily (since the past week at least). Even though I have the luxury of sleeping in and taking naps during the day, I don't seem to be taking advantage of this.

Mr. H thinks I am not exhausting myself enough. Perhaps he has a point. A typical day for me would start at 6:00am. After morning prayers and sending Mr. H off to work, it is always part of my plan to go back to bed by 6:45 and be up when the body wakes up. Alas, this is not the case as by 7:00am I am wide awake. I'll get an early start with my chores and whatever activities planned for the day. Sometimes I create more activities to do just because I can.. Haha.  Although I expect to be exhausted by midnight, I am not. My guess is I would normally fall asleep by 2:30am-3:00am since I cannot recall from then on :p

So why is it the more settled I am, the more not adjusted I become? I dunno.

When my sister-in-law Maryam read on my Facebook status update I was having trouble sleeping, she introduced Bach Rescue Sleep to me. Four drops and two sprays on the tongue, half an hour later I am in dreamland. Mr H even approves of this since he recently suggested I get my doses so I can go to sleep. It could also be he just wanted me to stop disrupting his own sleep with my tossing and turning.

Here's the range of the items I have. So far, I have used Rescue Sleep more than once. Rescue Stress? Have not felt stress enough to try it.

Rescue Sleep & Rescue Stress range

What remedies do you use if you're in the same situation? 

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