Saturday, March 29, 2014

Back to Student Life Minus Lectures & Exams

To my delight, my current routine somewhat resembles my university student life but better as there are no lectures to attend or exams to pass. How did this happen? Living within the University of Sydney's campuses probably had a major influence in this change. Regardless of my destination, all routes would require me to pass by at least one of the many University of Sydney's buildings. 

Here's an example. While walking to Broadway Shopping Centre to do grocery shopping, I chanced upon a Centre of Continuing Education banner beside a bus stop. Interest piqued, I went online to find out more. With 12 different categories of courses to choose from, you would be spoiled for choices. With the long list of courses to choose from, one's constraints would probably be

  1. Budget - If one had a money tree, this won't be a constraint.
  2. Schedule - As the target audience are working individuals, the course runs mainly weekends or weeknights after work. 

Nevertheless, the creative arts as well as business & management courses caught my interest. So did the language courses - there is even the option to learn Brazilian Portuguese! If only I could be at two or more places at one time (and have that money tree), I would sign up for all. Hahaha.

Looks like there's room for more.
Another example is, while on one of my runs which does not happen as often lately, I felt I should finally learn the butterfly stroke (swimming). From there, I found out there are 3 venues I could go to to achieve this goal. I finally decided on Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness (SUSF). They not only have a swim school operating at their Sports & Aquatic Centre that is open to the public, it is also closer to where I live.  

While navigating SUSF's website, I noticed they also offer a variety of program and courses open to the community. You could also opt to skip lunch and play sports under the Lunch Time Social Sport program (this is something I don't think exists in Malaysia. If it did, I never heard about it). Looking through the programs and courses, I eventually decided there are a few of them that I would like to participate in. 

The centre also has other facilities like a weight training gym, indoor wall climbing gym, tennis courts, RPM studio, a group fitness studio and even a boxing gym if sign up as a member. You will need to pay an annual membership fee and purchase an entry pass suitable to your needs. 

With the ball in my court, I might as well make the best of it. And that is how I ended up reliving my student life. Yay!

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