Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tioman Getaway

Time flies when you're having fun. There's no denying to that! It was a great 3D2N well spent trip.. as usual.. here are the highlights

1. Dolphin sightings
We were on our way to Tiger Reef when the dolphins were sighted. Everyone then got excited.. hahaha.. thank goodness Razis advised Marwick to turn on to video mode.. so here goes - http://www.facebook.com/video/?of=677232003#/video/video.php?v=42239562003&subj=677232003
p.s. Sorry guys, think you have to login to FB to watch the video.. it was hosted on youtube.com before this, but no longer there :o(

2. Night Dive
If it had rained, I would've aborted the dive. What's meant to be.. is meant to be. It didn't rain and I enjoyed the dive. It was awesome.. so awesome that.. I can only describe it as awesome. I'm planning to specialise in night dives from now onwards.. hahaha

p.s. only my 2nd night dive.

3. Excellent Company
My roomies - Shana & Azlin and neighbours - Azrul and Marwick. We got along well enough and understood each other. At times we would go on our separate ways or break into mini groups, and will re-group again during makan time or some other time. It was all cool.

4. Facebook
Met new people and new friends. Facebook ended up being my "calling card". Hahaha.. how convenient!

5. Theme Song
Mario Winans Featuring Enya & P. Diddy - I Don't Wanna Know

Monday, October 13, 2008

1 Mountain, 9 Friends and Loads of Strawberries

A leisure trip that took place over the weekend.. In spite of my "kejap ok-kejap tak ok" state of health, it was a trip that I enjoyed. The pace of the trip was a slow one.. which was good when I was in the "kejap tak ok" mode.

The weather was cold, and there were moments I felt as if I wasn't prepared despite my layers of clothing.. The strawberry jams and scones were yummy.. and so were the fresh strawberries.. and not to mention the chocolate coated strawberries.

Played Taboo which was great fun (although to an observer, he would think we were playing Charades).

The hotel personnel were accommodating with my prayer room request -- they actually converted a normal hotel room into a prayer area.. and due to a power failure in the 1st prepared room, the housekeeping personnel went the extra mile and prepared a 2nd hotel room just for me! I was touched and impressed with the level of service provided.. which reminds me, I better drop a note to the manager.

The trip back was an out of an ordinary one for me.. Due to an unexpected pot hole, we ended up with 2 punctures and had to detour to get that sorted out. Our trip back was "delayed" by an hour or so.. but glad it all ended well. At least I know who to call should I end up with a flat.. hehehe.. but then again, I hope to not have to experience a flat.. so touch wood!

Thanks guys for putting up with me during the weekend. It was a great one.. 

Theme Song - Shontelle's T-Shirt