Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tioman Getaway

Time flies when you're having fun. There's no denying to that! It was a great 3D2N well spent trip.. as usual.. here are the highlights

1. Dolphin sightings
We were on our way to Tiger Reef when the dolphins were sighted. Everyone then got excited.. hahaha.. thank goodness Razis advised Marwick to turn on to video mode.. so here goes - http://www.facebook.com/video/?of=677232003#/video/video.php?v=42239562003&subj=677232003
p.s. Sorry guys, think you have to login to FB to watch the video.. it was hosted on youtube.com before this, but no longer there :o(

2. Night Dive
If it had rained, I would've aborted the dive. What's meant to be.. is meant to be. It didn't rain and I enjoyed the dive. It was awesome.. so awesome that.. I can only describe it as awesome. I'm planning to specialise in night dives from now onwards.. hahaha

p.s. only my 2nd night dive.

3. Excellent Company
My roomies - Shana & Azlin and neighbours - Azrul and Marwick. We got along well enough and understood each other. At times we would go on our separate ways or break into mini groups, and will re-group again during makan time or some other time. It was all cool.

4. Facebook
Met new people and new friends. Facebook ended up being my "calling card". Hahaha.. how convenient!

5. Theme Song
Mario Winans Featuring Enya & P. Diddy - I Don't Wanna Know


  1. yeah great company and exciting dive trip indeed!!!

  2. i dont know but i think i like this year the most, so many remarkable things happened this year but perhaps its too early for me to say that hahaha...but so far...so good..hope there're more good stuff to come:)

  3. tioman is definately a dolphon paradise.. sore dolphins both times i've been there.. wish I could see them while diving though..

  4. I never knew there were dolphins in Tioman! You guys are damn lucky to see them!

  5. Diana, we didnt know there would be dolphins either! i mean.. malaysia la kan? :p
    darn.. i so look down on malaysia.. so not good, she has been kind to me. ok la.. time for paradigm shift :)

  6. Shun.. yeah.. next time must see them while diving.. sure best one..

    Anyways Azlin, we always see the fun stuff when we're on the boat kan? e.g the bumphead fishes in Sipadan, Dolphins in Tioman.. masa dalam air, nothing much. apa la.. :o(

  7. The dolphins so cute... chasing the boats... must go Tioman to see myself!

  8. yes Clement, you should. Wishing you all the best.. cause i seriously think luck played a big role in this!

  9. we had the dolphin charm la..hehehe... first saw them from a far then they came swimming with the boat..damn cool ..lucky switch to video mode to capture the moment :)