Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lembeh Straits, Manado (CNY 2009)

This entry is way, way long overdue - a fact that hit me only yesterday, as I was driving to Mid Valley with Azlin. As this was the opening of my dive season 2009, I'll say a few words.

Fact #1 - Man Overboard!I nearly did not make it for this trip (glad I did, but that's another story). Being concious of  2009's dive budget and annual leaves (the latter a bigger concern than the former), I was more than happy to give this a miss. However Shana sealed the deal when she highlighted that we were required to take only 1 day of annual leave since the trip was during CNY. I am onboard!

Nevertheless, as with my Sipadan trip the year before, the road to Manado wasn't a smooth one. Two weeks before the trip date, I was informed that my annual leave was not about to be approved. Shocked beyond disbelief that I might have to forego an all paid-trip, an on-the-spot-negotiation with my supervisor somehow bore fruit, and I was onboard again!

Fact #2 - Stressful Take-OffThe events before our flight took off from LCCT is something I do not wish to go through again. Being a long CNY weekend, a lot of holiday-goers had the same idea as us - to take Friday off and fly out to our respective destinations. LCCT was F-U-L-L of people, I could hardly breathe. There was a queue for everything - to check-in, to pay excess baggage, McDs, to pray in the surau and of course to board the flight. Stressful take off for me.

Fact #3 - Lembeh Straits, World of Funny Creatures
The diving would have normally been good for me - no current, not deep. I didn't like it being muck diving tho. There were times I was bored, cause we couldn't find anything and only saw miles and miles of black sand!

Loads of frog fishes, nudie branches and if after this trip, I am not able to tell/identify/know where I can find a pygmy seahorse, someone should slap me left-right & center!

Fact #4 - Friends: Old & New
As with all dive trips, we tend to bond with the other divers on the trip. From old friends to close friends, from strangers to friends.

Fact #5 - Man Overboard (for real)
Do not undermine the importance of being able to swim!

Fact #6 - Theme Song
Cinta Ini Membunuhku by D'Masiv - just because erm, maybe it was popular during that time. Hahaha.. ok la, the truth is, I fell in love with this song.


  1. Well written!! Although I don't quite notice the crowd in at the airport. I guess I am so happy to see my buddy:)..It was a very good experience for me as I get to reunite with my newly found fren during my trip to komodo.Also managed to meet the maxis dive team:)...the same gang minus the maxis dive team will be in Lembeh again in July:) wiah you will be aboard.

  2. Congrats.. all facts really make sence! Hahahaha.. Have fun!

  3. Sam.. the crowd was horrendous! thinking back about it is giving me breathing difficulties..

    Rina.. thanks! memang sensible facts.. hahaha

  4. really? well maybe I am so happy to see my buddy I forget about the horrendous crowd. like they say one person medicine is the other person poison:)...

  5. btw. it is not really a men overboard right? you all were at the beach albeit at the deeper end of the beach. so it should it call men overbeach?...

  6. sam.. lembeh in july.. too close la. not within my budget for the next 6 months :p
    btw, i'm gonna call it man overboard.. cause the people on the boat was suppose to help us!

  7. ok. as long as it make you happy;)...