Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tassie in 3 days - Final

Cataract Gorge
We arrived in Launceston late evening. It was 6:30pm and we had checked in to the hotel. I persuaded Mr. H to drive to Cataract Gorge as I was hopeful that the attraction would remain open til late since it was summer (our visit was in January 2015). It was also a 10 minute drive from our hotel which made it worth a try. 

Fortunately for us, the grounds were indeed open! There were a couple of adults reading a book by the picnic bench while their kids splashed about in the pool. The last basin chairlift ride took place at 6:00pm. We missed that but we did get to walk around for at least 45 minutes before we left. Even then, a family arrived just as we were leaving. I have no idea what time the place officially close.

We took a lot of pictures during our time there. Here's some to share.
Built in 1972, this chairlift ride is the world's longest single-span chairlift. We did not get to ride since last take off was at 6:00pm (we arrived closed to 7:00pm).
Alexandra Suspension Bridge - first built in 1904. It is quite sturdy and does not swing easily.
It is so peaceful and quiet here.. at that time at least.
Cataract Gorge from the other side (not the entrance side).
We did a short loop to soak in as much as we could and spotted a wallaby. After looking at us curiously, he hopped away into the trees.
I do not know if the place would be this peaceful at other times. Since we arrived an hour after closing time, we sort of had the place to ourselves.
Panoramic view of Cataract Gorge.
Ducks probably thought we were gonna feed them. They quickly swam close to the edge as we walked by. Alexandra Suspension Bridge in the background.
This swimming pool is open to the public. There were a couple of parents reading while their kids splashed away in the pool.

With this last entry, we have come to the end of my Tassie in 3 days series. Overall, it was a wonderful trip but seriously, 3 days is just not enough to absorb the real Tasmania. We definitely would like to go back and hopefully, we can stay on for about a month or so. Hahahaha.. 

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