Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tassie in 3 days - Part 4

Mount Wellington

After our Richmond tour, we headed straight for Mount Wellington since we had a couple of hours to kill before dinner. It was quite an uphill drive and I salute the lone cyclist who was cycling UPHILL to the top! 

The higher we drove, the foggier it got. When we finally got to the peak, there was not much of a view with all the fog and what not. However we still walked around the area since we were already there (we were not the only ones as 2 cars arrived after us and did the same).

I can't recall the structure behind us. I am sure if we were there earlier in the day, we would have had a fantastic view of Hobart.
It was 3 degrees, misty/foggy and you could hardly see anything. I don't think I was dressed warm enough for that temperature too!
20 minutes later, we decided to make our way down the mountain. It was getting colder, darker and you could not see anything anyways. If you are going to visit this mountain peak, I would suggest you go during the day - the weather could be better and there would be more to see.
The sky "cleared" up as we descended the mountain.
Amazing landscape - rocks, city and water.
We ended day 2 by catching up with Mr H's new found swim buddy, Sanjay. It's amazing how swimming can connect people together. Hahaha.
Me, Sanjay and Mr. H.

After two nights in Hobart, we made our way to Launceston the following day.

To be continued.. 

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