Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Return Visit to Blue Mountains

It was a non-working Saturday for Mr H and he was itching to get out of the city. With several possible destinations, we found our way back to Blue Mountains. Our first stop was Mount Blackheath Lookout. 

The drive here brought us through small farms and orchards. Some parts of the road were dirt roads - making us wonder if it this would be a problem for our car. We made it to the lookout without much issues. It was just us there and makes you wonder how popular is this site.

From the car park, it is about a 5 minute walk to the lookout itself. The view, well truthfully did not take my breath away. It seemed "normal" compared to the views you get from Govetts Leap or Three Sisters. A quick tour of the area would bring you to a "take off ramp" and a quick check on Google revealed that it is a popular take off site for hang gliding and para-sailing.
Keen on a picnic? Picnic tables provided. The area opposite the rubbish bin will lead you to the take off ramp for hang gliders/para-sailors.
It was a cold morning (for me at least).
View from Mt Blackheath Lookout. Reminded me of a golf course.
Not wasting much time at the lookout, we made our way to Tea Rooms at Megalong Valley. Having first brought here by our tour guide many months ago, we thought it would be nice to go back for scones and blueberry jam. Their savoury options were not bad either. The place was busy being the long holiday weekend AND school holidays. It was a pleasant wait tho, enjoying the crisp cool air in the garden, watching the birds fly in and out of trees. I was hoping for a glimpse of a kangaroo or two. No such luck.
We found our way back to Megalong Valley Tea Rooms.
After filling up our tummies, it was off to Govetts Leap for another spectacular view of Bridal Falls. We took two different bush walk trails this time, leading us to another lookout point of the falls. We did not venture far, walking about 15 minutes each way.
Bridal Falls from Govetts Leap.
This lookout point is a 15 minute walk from the car park.
Our final stop was Three Sisters. Even though this was our third time at this attraction, we were still awed. After spending some time reliving our previous two trips here, we said our goodbyes to the sisters and headed back to Sydney.
Farewell Three Sisters, until we meet again.
Two hours later, we were back in Sydney. It was only then we realised that Blue Mountains is not that far from Sydney after all. If you do not have much time to spare, a day trip would suffice to explore the must-sees.

Read more about our previous Blue Mountains trip here - Touring the Blue Mountains.

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