Friday, January 9, 2015

Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

It was 4:30pm on Thursday and Mr H was in a mood for a long walk. Lucky for him, Sydney is home to many long walk routes. All within an hour's radius from where we live too. After short listing some routes, we chose the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk. This walk is a combination of several shorter walks: Bondi to Tamarama, Tamarama to Bronte, Bronte to Clovelly and Clovelly to Coogee. You could start and end at any of these points. Not interested to walk? You can jog/run. In fact a friend of mine shared that this route was her training spot when she was training for running events held in Sydney.

We decided to start our walk from Coogee and end at Bondi instead. Only a 45 minute bus ride away from Newtown, it was 6:00pm when we arrived at Coogee Beach.

Start point: Coogee Beach. Even though it was 6:00pm, some were just arriving to get some sun. Quite a number of surfers were seen in the waters. With waves are not as big as Bondi, perhaps this is where students come to practice.
Just before this, we were walking on grass. A few steps later, it was all sandstone. Such a different landscape.
A bit tricky to walk along the rocks. Proper shoes are recommended. At the edge of this cliff is a steep drop into the sea. Make sure you stay inside the fence.
Thompsons Bay aka Gordon's Bay. Many years ago, this was a nude beach.  Do not know if it is now. Did not see any nudies that day.
This beach somehow reminded us of Parsley Bay, except this beach was longer and not as wide. There's also a salt water pool nearby. It did not look very clean tho. Besides, why swim in a pool when there's the open sea?
It was very windy and sand particles were getting into my eyes. Quite difficult to take a selfie with the strong winds.
Mr H trying to keep his eyes open long enough for the picture. Not easy with winds & sand. 
Waverly Cemetery - this location was used during the filming of Mel Gibson's 1979 movie, Tim.
I wonder what's the story behind this sculpture. Definitely not left behind from Sculptures by the Sea 2014.
Approaching Bondi - rough waves all the way.
End point: Bondi on a summer day: bright and sunny. It's 8:00pm
Interested to walk here?
  • Proper walking shoes are recommended as it could be painful to walk the distance in slippers. 
  • Do not forget your sunscreen, sunnies and a cap as there is hardly any shade available.
  • Bring your own water bottle. You can refill them along the way.
  • Public toilets are also available along the way. Closing times differ according to time of year.
  • Bring a camera (real or phone). Too many gorgeous moments to give it a miss.
  • Bring your swimsuit. The waters can be really inviting.
  • Allocate 2 hours (walk only) or more if you intend to stop and swim.
  • Paths are wide enough for strollers and pram but could be a pain as there are many steps along the way.
  • For more information on this walk, check out: The Bondi to Coogee Walk

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