Monday, March 9, 2015

Moving Back

Five weeks ago, we made our move back to Malaysia for good. The move was not as simple as when we moved to Sydney in 2014. Then, all we had to do was pack our bags - two large suitcases weighing 30 kg each with our clothes and some books. We need not worry about our unit since we were "renting" it from my parents. All we had to do was lock it up and we were on our way.

Things work differently in Sydney. Once we notified the agent that we were moving out, a checklist of things to do would arrive in the mail. To get back your security bond in full, our rented unit has to be exactly as to how we received it (basically checking off everything on the list). 
Our unit before the moving process. Since we rented an unfurnished apartment, everything had to go.
It did not make sense to bring back all our stuff to Malaysia as we already have a furnished unit in PJ. Fortunately for us, we managed to dispose our stuff within our last 2 months by:
  1. selling most of our furniture and appliances (made about $800). We advertised on eBay, Gumtree and also Facebook.
  2. identifying the items we want to bring back to Malaysia. We ended up shipping back 4 boxes plus 140kg of stuff came with us on the plane.
    4 hours before returning the keys, we still had this much of stuff! We then spent 40min loading everything into our rented van followed by another 40min unloading them at Maryam's (who was probably shocked when she walked into her home upon seeing this).
  3. leaving items by the road side for neighbours and passers-by to adopt should they require something similar. Items left are in good and workable condition.
    It is common to leave unwanted items that are still in good condition by the roadside. There will be takers. For items that did not make the cut, we would take them in for the night and bring them out again tomorrow.
  4. offering to family/friends.
  5. donating to charitable organisations (e.g. Vinnies).
After completing steps 1 - 5, whatever left ended in the bin. 
Tadaa!! Everything gone.. We also had the carpet professionally cleaned the day before. If cleaning the apartment is not your thing, you can outsource this task to cleaning companies. Ask for their "end-of-lease" package.
I hope to not relive this moving out experience soon. Hopefully we will stay in our current place for at least another 5 more years before thinking about moving.. hahaha.

p.s. I still think about Sydney - I miss my friends, the lifestyle, the public transport and even the walking :p

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