Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Down Under

Before I got married, Christmas was a good excuse to go for a (most probably diving) holiday. Last year’s Christmas was just a public holiday for me while Mr H worked through the day. This year is not much different except we are in Sydney, a country where Christmas is a bigger celebration compared to back home.

In Malaysia, I would normally head to different malls to view and appreciate their Christmas decorations. It is amazing how one can transform part of a mall into a mini Christmas village (or some other Christmas related theme). If I am lucky, I would get invited to a friend's home and would spend the time checking out their Christmas decor (Marv, I love going to your house.. hahaha).

In Sydney, my Christmas decor appreciation is not only limited to malls. There are ample of outdoor decorations too! While some decorations were out as early as end of November, most decorations were up only 2 weeks ago. So let's check out some of the sights that were covered in the lead up to Dec 25, 2014. 

LEGO Christmas Tree @ Pitt St Mall

Built entirely with LEGO bricks, this 10 metre high tree is the biggest LEGO Christmas Tree in the Southern Hemisphere. It took 1200 hours and 5 people to complete this structure. Click here to watch the time lapse of the tree’s construction.

Every 15 minutes from 8pm-9pm each night, a light and music show is on to entertain visitors.

LEGO Christmas Tree setup during the day

Did you spot koala?

Lighted at night.

Christmas Decorations @ Darling Harbour

Top: Lighted Santas Standing in line.
Below: Electric Tree that changes colour the music.

Lights of Christmas @ St Mary’s Cathedral

The light show is divided into 3 parts – The Joy of Giving, 12 Days of Christmas and The Madonna & Child. Capturing every projection seemed like an impossible task for me, so I will only share a few. I did notice a few well prepared photographers who came complete with their tripod and “click button” that allows them to sit comfortably and still capture the moment when there’s a change of scene. This must not be their first time. Haha

Christmas Trees around Sydney
My view if I was a Christmas present - Queen Victoria Building

Tree at Potts Point
Tree at Hyde Park 
Tree at Martin Place. You could send in a text to a number and get your message displayed on the tree.

Christmas is in the air

Retailers got the mood going by offering Christmas sales for that perfect gift. Cafes not only were dressed up with Christmas decor, Christmas themed delights were added to their menu. People in general started wearing reindeer antler headbands, Santa's hats etc. Eateries were booked for Christmas parties (aka Silly Season here). Homes and balconies were beautifully decorated with fairy lights. Christmas trees sprouting about the city. We even spotted Santa cruising around town in a modern version of his sleigh.

Sustainable Christmas decor.
Christmas themed candy apples
Santa traded his sleigh for something more modern.

That sums up our days and nights leading up to Dec 25. Now that it's over, we shall look forward to Jan 1, 2015.

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