Sunday, July 6, 2014

Winter is Coming: A Game of Thrones Experience

Game of Thrones: The Exhibition was in Sydney from 1 - 5 July, 2014. 

Despite hardly any promotion, the 5 day exhibition drew crowds so large it made news daily. Opening day itself saw fans waiting for up to 6 hours just to get through the doors. Nevertheless, the long wait did not deter fans. In fact it probably encouraged fans further to come out in droves. I mean, would there be another chance to sit on the Iron Throne or scale The Wall? 

After close to 6 hours of waiting, numerous views of the Sydney Opera house (from afternoon to sunset to night) and fending off hunger/cold/urge to answer the call of nature, my most priced picture in possession to date.

The unexpected Khaleesi from House of Dawina.

Was it worth the long wait?
Yes it was. A picture of you on the Iron Throne alone is enough to make the whole wait worthwhile! You can sit on it and take as many pictures as you like (until the person behind you says it is enough and they want their turn. That is OK though cause you can happily join back the queue to take another set of pictures).

After the mandatory throne picture, the next attraction would be to scale The Wall. I did not know what to expect and I totally enjoyed the experience! Would not have minded a second or a third round.

Once you have done the mandatory throne pic and the wall scaling, you can leisurely enjoy the rest of the exhibition. Life-size props used in the series were on display. I especially liked it because I could compare how big (more like small) I am to the characters. Certainly put things in perspective.

Even though it was a relatively small exhibition, it was nicely done.

Would I do this again?
Only if they work out a better system to manage the queues. Hahaha. One long wait in a lifetime is enough (for Game of Thrones at least).

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