Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Passions in Life: Tupperware

Some have passion for clothes, shoes, watches, cars, designer handbags and whatever else you can think off. No matter how much clothes or shoes or watches they already have, they will always have room for another one and another and another. Same goes for me too except mine is Tupperware. 

You say: Why Tupperware?
I say: Why not Tupperware? 

It is a global brand, so famous that people refer other plastic containers as Tupperware! It was founded in 1948 and more than 60 years later, still going strong.

My first memory of Tupperware brought me back to when I was 7 years old. At that time, I had no idea the water tumbler I carried to and from school was a Tupperware. All I knew it was my favourite tumbler as I never had to deal with a wet bag each time I used it. It was spill free.

Why do I love Tupperware?

People complain that Tupperware is expensive compared to the cheap copycats you can buy from the dollar shop, the supermarket and what not. From my experience, this is only true if you are someone who

1. thinks short term
2. not careful with your belongings

If you do not fall into these two categories, Tupperware will then be a cheaper (if not the cheapest) option.

How could something expensive be cheap?

Many are not aware that Tupperware products are made to last for a very long time even though it is used every day. Tupperware lovers know this because a company will not provide a LIFETIME GUARANTEE if their product is not meant for a few years, what more forever. I do not know of other brands (plastic containers or other items) offering this sort of guarantee or warranty.

For example, if a seal of your Tupperware container needs to be replaced because of wear & tear (it's loose or torn from constant open/close action etc), you may replace the seal for FREE. You don't even have to show proof of purchase before they give you a replacement. Try doing this in Ikea or Kmart or Jusco or Mydin without a receipt. Even if they were willing to give a free replacement, they won't do so without a receipt.

If it was faulty because of negligence or missing a part, you have the option of purchasing only the parts you need. Try doing this at Ikea or Kmart or Jusco or Mydin. The sales representative will think you are crazy. The closest solution they can offer is for you to buy a new container as they do not sell spare parts (they might not even have the same design as the one you have either). The new container will cost more than what you paid for previously too because of inflation. That is already spending more than you should have to.

Another reason is the durability of the product. We purchased a Tupperware can opener in 2007 for about RM129 (approx AUD$43). You are probably thinking what?!! So much for a can opener? Well, the can opener has been in the family for the past 7 years. Divide the cost by 7 years, it comes out to RM18.43 ($6.10) per year. That can opener is still going strong. Prior to that, we have thrown out numerous cheaper can openers. The combined cost of those cheap ones exceed the price I paid for a Tupperware one.

I already have too many containers, I do not need more.

The other common reason people do not want to buy Tupperware is because they claim to have cupboards full of containers at home. One could say the same for clothes/handbags/shoes etc. Yet I do not see them stopping themselves from buying more. Hahaha.

Anyways, my love and excitement for Tupperware is revived after my Big Move. Having had to set up home from scratch (I left everything behind and traveled with limited clothes), I found myself asking my mother to send some of my Tupperware from home to Sydney. As it does not make sense to bring all over, I only asked for my FreezerMate.

FreezerMate: All nice and organised. A must for OCDs.

I do not care for your arguments. I still want my Tupperware cheap or free.

Then you need to host a Tupperware party. As a Tupperware party host, you are entitled to host discounts and also earn Tupperware credit and other benefits that vary from campaign to campaign. The more successful your party is, the more credit you get and the more Tupperware you can "buy" for FREE! Yay... who doesn't love free Tupperware right?

Try going to Ikea or Kmart or Jusco or the brand company direct and offer to host a product party for them in exchange for discounts or to earn credit. I can already see the look you are going to get. Hahaha.

I hosted my first Tupperware party recently after many years! Despite having only 4 days to plan it, it turned out well. 
Tupperware & snacks on display during the party
From nothing to many things. Just by HOSTING a party, you get to EARN Tupperware credit and "buy" more Tupperware for FREE! I only paid for two items in the picture. Can you believe that?

So for those of you who say Tupperware is expensive, get your Tupperwares for FREE by hosting a party. Regardless if you are hosting a party in Malaysia or Australia, as host you get to enjoy host benefits. The benefits differ from country to country. So check with your local Tupperware consultant/demonstrator today.

If you're in Sydney, book your party with Rebecca Zagoudis ( 

If you're in Malaysia, wait for me to come back to KL ok? Hahaha.

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