Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Park Culture: PJ/KL vs Sydney

Victoria Park, Sydney
I see runners/joggers/walkers. Also parents who watch over their children play at the playground. Couples sitting in the car at the car park while they get to know each other.

In Sydney
I not only see joggers/runners and parents with children but pets and their owners too. I see group of friends chatting. I see a young man reading a book under a tree. I see a university student tapping his foot on the grass while listening to the iPod. I see a group of people having a picnic birthday party - complete with balloons. I see a couple sitting on the grass, talking. I see two bikini clad girls sun bathing in the sun pockets. I also see a girlfriend and her boyfriend sun bathing in their swimwear. I see a young mother push the bulky stroller while her toddler toddles on the grass. I see a baby crawling away towards the tree while the father attempts to take a picture with his smartphone.

I see more in Sydney than in PJ/KL.Why is this so? Is it the weather? Is it the society? Is it the culture? I do not know. What I do know is, I like what I see here more.

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