Friday, February 14, 2014

Maintaining a routine (with adjustments)

Today is not only Valentine's Day & Chap Goh Meh, it also marks 2 weeks since leaving home. We arrived with 80kgs of baggage (60kgs checked in & 20kgs of cabin baggage) with no place of our own. 

The biggest concern was to look for a place to rent ASAP. Lucky for us, we managed to rent a place within the first week of our arrival here. The next few days were spent assembling furniture, furnishing the house etc. With setting up house nearly done, I decided to get back into my KL routine (sans work of course).

First thing on the list is to read news.. except I am not sure if I should read Malaysian news or Down Under news. If the latter, where should I source my news from? Hahaha.. I decided to continue reading Malaysian news and just get local news from TV.

Next would be the TV shows - yes, this is a major decision for me now, see what my priorities in life these days are? Hahaha... What are the channels should I watch? I do not have cable TV and totally dependent on free tv. At this moment, I have been watching TV shows that were premiered when I was in Form 2 e.g. Beverly Hills 90210, Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond, Star Trek etc. Can't seem to find the latest comedies/sitcoms. I also watch a lot of the Winter Olympics Live Telecast. Someone please.. tell me what are the channels I should be watching :D

I am also attempting to be active again in my whatsapp chat groups. Not easy due to the time difference. When I am ready for bed, everyone else is just off work and ready to be chatty. When I am awake and chatty, everyone else is still in bed. Must find a way to work this one out :p

Other than maintaining a routine, I also managed to do the touristy stuff. Yesterday, we took a walk along Bondi Beach to Bronte Beach. It was probably a 4km walk under the scorching sun (to me) except you feel like you are walking in an air-conditioned room due to the cool winds. Needless to say, I am now tanned.
Bondi Beach on a Thursday - these people seem happy to be working on a tan.
Today, we took another long walk.. this time to Mrs Macquarie's Point (located closed to the Botanical Gardens if not within) to check out the view of the harbour and also her chair. Since we were walking in an "air-conditioned" environment, the walk was a pleasant one despite my shoe trying to kill my heel and big toe. Along the way, there is a lovely view of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Radiance of the Seas (ship)
Along the way, we saw many couples having their Valentine's picnic -- something you would not see in KL (not only couples will have face the heat from the sun, they would probably have to face religious authorities as well). We ended our walk at the Opera House. With all this walking, I do hope there will be positive changes in weight (lighter) and shape (slimmer)!

Monday onward, a new routine will take place - Mr. Hubby starts work and I can finally focus on my other 11 projects (some are identified, some are not).

Have a great weekend all.

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