Sunday, July 8, 2007

Paddle or Die - 8th July Blog

This trip was suppose to take place last month, in June. However due to our hectic schedules, it was postponed to today.

Altho the initial list had 10 of us signing up for the trip, eventually only 4 of us made it -- Abg Taslim, Abg Syahin, Ikhwan and myself. It was an awesome trip. Due to us being the only group in the morning flight, we had some sort of a personalised program. There was no rush and we could take our time and enjoy ourselves. And enjoy ourselves we did!

The picture above shows the sequence of events before we capsized at the Rajah Corner rapids. It was the worst of all as we had 3 of us thrown out of the boat. It was fun!


  1. HAHAHA!!
    Like Dalvin said... The idea of fun for you is getting bruised and torchered.

  2. Dalvin knows me well hahaha..