Sunday, August 13, 2006

Save Bukit Gasing.. and the forest while we're at it.

Took part in the Bukit Gasing Green Challenge.. start/end at SMK La Salle PJ.

The day itself started early.. 5:30am for me.. and earlier for others. Left home after Subuh and arrived at the venue at 6:30am. With a sleepy face, collected my bib number.

The event started off with a senamrobik session by Fitness First. That really warmed us up. Hahaha.. then it was race. I had happily signed up for the Women's Adventure Category (10km inclusive of unchartered territory of Bukit Gasing).. who knows what I was thinking during the point of registration.

Walked/Ran/Rested most of the time with Diana. We managed pretty well.. There was a point we were actually at Bangsar & Pantai Dalam. Covered the whole distance in 2hrs 22min and 18sec.

Would I do this again? I would like to say no.. but knowing me, I'll sign up for another similar type of activity and it starts all over again!!

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